Airness : Unbelievable succes

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Airness is one of the most succesful story in sportswear.

Malamine Koné the founder of the brand arrived in France at 10 years, he practice boxe until a car accident then he will defend France colors at Olympics Games.

He found his brand few times after and knew fast success thanks to his design and the free help of football players.

Airness could boast provide now the equipment of a lot of football team like Lille, Nantes, Rennes, Valenciennes, Auxerre in France, Boavista in Portugal, Fulham in England, Genk in Belgium and a lot of Arficans Team like Benin, Burkina Faso, Congo, Gabon, Guinée, Mali, RD Congo.

Airness provide too Basketballs teams like Levallois and Nancy and Rugby Team like Bourgoin. At last, Airness sponsorise tennis player like Nicolai Davydenko and Nadia Petrova

The dream of Malamine Koné is to provide the French Football Team.

 To finish with this succes, Airness decide to create a extand of gamme with the creation of Airness Mobile.


Le Coq Sportif

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Le Coq Sportif is one of the main sportswear brand in France. So, since few years this brand lost market share and prestige.

So to inverse this tendancy Le Coq Sportif decide to invest on two great French Sportmen, Joakim Noah and Frédéric Michalak.

Joakim Noah and Fréréric Michalak are two interesting sportmen, because they evolve abroad, in United Stades in the NBA (Chicago Bulls) for Noah and in South Africa (in Natal Sharks) for Fred Michalak. That in order to integrate this market, for example, Le Coq Sportif create a subsidiary in United States.

So the choice of Joakim Noah is also strategic because, his father, the famous tennis player, Yannick Noah was during a lot of years the symbol of the brand.

Rugby World Cup

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The 2007 Rugby World Cup was a gold mine for the announcers. Indeed TF1 earned about 48 M€ with advertising receipts whose 47 for the twenty games diffused in direct with 974 advertising and 809 000€ with his subsidiary Eurosport. At last TF1 earned 333 000€ with the third part of evening magazine.

Manchester United, a global company

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 Manchester isn’t a club like the others. It’s becaming a company before a football team. Indeed the firm create a lot of subsidiaries in differents sector like Finance, Travel …

After had to conquer English market, Man U target Asian Market, the club translated his Internet Site in Korean, Japonese and Chinese. Every year they used to go in Asia during the summer preparation to get in contact of Asian Supporters. They understand before the others team like Asia is a real gold mine to send their product.

Now all the more famous team go in Asia and present their more famous players.


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David Beckham, a famous English football-player is the sportsman who earns the greatest amount of money with his advertising contracts. He’s a marketing man and if a team like Los Angeles Galaxy bought him, it’s as much for his image as for his qualities as a football player.

David Beckham has become a marketing product, whose value has been built on pitches, but also and especially in celebrity magazines, in TV shows, and on catwalks.

Adidas, Gillette, Motorola, Pepsi, Volkswagen spend more than 19 Million €uros per year to use the image of Becks.

With his new contract with Los Angeles Galaxy Beckham should earn about $248m , but if the team spends all that money it’s because they now they can earn money with the sale of shirts or with the tickets for example,  that is why I’ve decided to show DB’s shirt rather Beckham’s photo.

 To know more about Beckham brand =>

Joga Mochito

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In the first ad, Adidas use lany great players who have contract with the brand with the three strips. They have made an humourous ad and used the closeness or great events like the european championship in Portugal to promote the brand.

 In France the ”guignols des infos” (a show in which the new is dealt with in a humourous way) didn’t hesitate to adapt the clip to the French football championship.

Nike pro Pub Basket – Tennis – Football – Rugby

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Nike is ones of the main actor of sports the marketing business. In this ad, Nike targets sports fans of different sports and different cultures because this ad joins Rafael Nadal, a Spanish tennis player, Thierry Henry, a French soccer player, Johnny Wilkison an England rugby player and Dirk Novitzky, German basketball player.